Importance of pH

The amount of acidity or alkalinity is identified by its pH value ranging from 1 to maximum acidity and 14 indicating maximum alkalinity.

The pH7 corresponds to a neutral acid-base value, neither acidic nor alkaline.

In the human body the blood has a slightly alkaline pH  -7.365 pH.



The delicate balance of pH blood


To keep alive the human body has to be able to keep constant the amount of ph in blood. It depends on complex biological mechanism that implied in various organs and systems.

Cells  produce acids in their normal metabolically processes which are constantly eliminated  in the tissues between cells. Then they flow to the blood stream that immediately expels from the organism primarily via urine.

Over time an abundant supply of alkalizing foods –fresh vegetables and fruit-helped maintain the ph blood balance in the human organism and survive.

If the amount of acidity becomes high endangering the maintenance of blood ph the body activates compensation mechanisms. The most efficient is to look for calcium in the bones. Calcium has the ability to alkalize the blood.



pH unbalance to acidity


Aging, stress, intense physical activity, some acute and chronic diseases, smoking and environmental pollution increase the acid production by our cells.

Dehydration, acid water and food intake-sugar, coffee, alcohol, soft/fizzy drinks and meat aggravate the acidity in the body system.

A body system already acidified in obliged to a constant additional effort to maintain a stable blood pH. Its suffering , cells have difficulty in functioning and in tissues there are no sufficient drainage.

A chronically acidified body system has a deficient physical and mental performance, the person feels lifeless, lacking energy, fatigue, reduced muscle strength, minor adaptation to stress and low mental capacity. Chronic acidification favours weight gain, muscle and joint pain, osteoporoses, stress, degenerative and oncological diseases and accelerates aging process.



How do you know your pH?


Specific analysis of urine pH

When analysed in the morning it will indicate a balanced acid-base in  the body system. pH should be between 7 and 7.5.



How to compensate and rebalance excessive acidity?


Alkaline water intake is the best and most effective way to compensate acidity in the body associate to aging and adverse conditions of modern society.

To be effective alkaline water intake should be with early morning with an empty stomach and between meals, 2 litres per day. To correct the chronically acidity daily alkaline water intake could be increased to 3 -4 litres.

Daily drinking of alkaline water helps to recover vitality and sense of well-being, to rebalance acidity caused by pollution and poor diet. It also helps to delay aging signs, prevent osteoporosis, enhances antioxidant protection in all organs, helps to moisture and rejuvenates the skin



Buying water? Check pH!


Now that your have all this information, pay particular attention to the pH indicated in the bottled water label:


  • pH below 7-its an acidic water , increases acidity in the body system. Is that what you are looking for?
  • pH 7- it’s a neutral water. Does not eliminate the acidity in the system nor aggravates it.
  • pH above 7-its alkaline water. Use and Abuse, nonetheless avoid pH above 9



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