Portugal is among the countries in the world that better uses wind power. In addition to the pioneering commitment to renewable energies this is only possible due to the privileged geographical location of the country; the constant winds from the Atlantic Ocean provide a constant and regular source of energy, fundamental to renew the atmosphere air, being the least polluted in Western Europe, offering to Portugal an excellent air quality.


With this extremely favourable conditions as well as its soils it is not surprising production of high quality numerous mineral waters.


INear the coast we can find “Maciço Calcario Estremenho”(Massif Limestone of Estremadura).Its an area of mountains and high plateaus , also known as “Serra d’Aire” and “Candeeiros”. Due to its geomorphology and almost ubiquitous presence of calcareous soils, existing more than 1500 catalogued caves and a natural fresh water reserve of extraordinary importance.


Its in the area of unique characteristics and near one of the largest subterranean lakes of Europe we can collect  Premium Natural Mineral Water QUARTZO ®.

Given to the excellent Premium Natural Mineral Water QUARTZO ® we envisaged all our efforts that its quality remains and reaches unaltered to our consumers.